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A Statement on the Uncivil Attacks on Marylin Pierre

The following is a statement regarding the allegations and actions of the Sitting Judges during this election:


Instead of engaging voters on the issues that I have raised during this campaign, my opponents have resorted to uncivil personal attacks and frivolous legal intimidation tactics to try and win the race. This allegation and their social media and television ads seek to damage my reputation and call into question my professional experience and service to the bar and our community.


Let me be clear, I have never referred to myself as an incumbent judge at any time during this campaign or during my previous campaign. I am proudly a candidate for Circuit Court judge in Montgomery County and have endeavored to conduct this campaign with the highest standards of professionalism and civility appropriate to the office.

The other candidates made a choice. They could have reached out to my campaign to let us know a volunteer misspoke. Instead, they are using litigation to harass & intimidate while wasting taxpayer money. 


Montgomery County deserves judges who will do what is best for our community, use the taxpayer's resources wisely, and show dignity and respect for all.


While my opponents continually attempt to smear me and my 30 years of experience. I know who I am. I am a dedicated lawyer, a former military police officer in the United States Army, a former chair of the Montgomery County Criminal Justice Coordinating Commission, a winner of the Leadership in Law Award, a three-time winner of Maryland's Top100 Women Award, and a winner of numerous other community service and pro bono awards.


I was the only candidate endorsed by Progressive Maryland, Progressive Neighbors, Progressive Legacy, NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland PAC, the Association of Black Democrats of Montgomery County, Our Revolution Maryland, Our Revolution MoCo, MoCo Students for Change, and Mayor Jeffrey Slavin. 


I am the progressive and compassionate candidate for judge.


Marylin Pierre

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