Restore Faith In Justice 

A Message from Marylin


Thank you for all of your support in the June Primary!


Because of your support, my campaign finished in third place (ahead of two sitting judges) securing my candidacy for the November Ballot. 


Now that we are moving ahead to the General Election in November, I need your help now more than ever.


Please consider donating or volunteering for my campaign and together let's restore faith in justice!  


-Marylin Pierre 

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Mayor Jeffrey Slavin

Town of Somerset 

Why I'm Running 

In recent years, we’ve seen American core values start to disappear and faith in our justice system erode. I’m running for Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge because it’s time to restore our faith in our justice system. 

It is my belief that you can only have faith in justice when it is serving the people and not high-priced lawyers, political or corporate special interests. 

As judge, I will fight every day to ensure equitable access to the Montgomery County court system, treat every person with dignity and respect, rule fairly and impartially, and practice a philosophy of restorative justice to stop the very real problem of the revolving courtroom door in our county. 

As a mother, veteran, and immigrant who has practiced family, criminal, juvenile, and guardianship law for over 28 years, I have the combined professional and life experience required to serve as a judge in one of America’s most diverse counties.   

On November, 3rd you have the responsibility of voting for our County’s next circuit court judge. I humbly ask for your vote. 


-Marylin Pierre

Justice is not something that happens by accident. It’s an action, a daily choice, a relentless pursuit for absolute fairness. -Marylin Pierre 

As Judge I Pledge To

Listen carefully to every case before me

Treat everyone with dignity and respect

Practice “Restorative Justice” 


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Restore Faith In Justice

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By Authority: Marylin Pierre for

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge

Wilbur Friedman, Treasurer 

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